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Right now, birth stories are a completely new option, so if you're in your 3rd trimester and ready to have your story photographed, I am here for you and ready to book now, but this won't last long!

What's it like?

I will be a quiet, respectful presence. You may hear the shutter click on my camera. I will not use any flashes. You will be free to be fully immersed into your birth experience. I will stay for about a half an hour after the baby's birth, or until mom has settled in with baby and I will quietly say goodbye and exit to let you be with your new family member.

Oh, baby!


Birth Stories are normally $1,200.00, but right now you can book for $800.00. You don't need the full amount immediately to book. $400.00 reserves your spot and $400.00 by 36 weeks,  That's it! I accept check, debit or credit.

There is no better person to capture such an undefined, indescribable, breathtaking moment as a birth of a child! I will be forever grateful that Miranda was there to not only be a light and joy with her positive energy flowing out but to also capture this moment forever!! I can’t thank you enough!! Anyone will be so lucky to have you!
— Crystal

 I will be accepting birth stories for the Twin Ports and Duluth-y areas.  Contact me and let's chat!

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Hopes, dreams, plans and questions.


Why would I want my birth photographed?

Your support person would much rather be with you, not being a screen! You can be confident that you'll receive clear, artful photography, not blurry cell phone pictures.

That fancy adrenaline cocktail our bodies pump out can make our experience hard to remember. Birth photography calls out these memories back into being!

Birth and labor is inspiring. Having your story heard can be therapeutic, healing and empowering.

Essentia birth

Will you photograph nudity?

I do not consider nudity indecent or inappropriate. Nakedness is a huge part of the birthing process. It's beautiful and deserves the highest respect!
However, this is going to be up to you! If you don't want photos of the baby coming out, I will stay at an angle that doesn't show those details. If you're totally into what it looks like down there and want to re-visit those memories, I am more than happy to document baby coming out for you, as long as your midwife or provider is okay with it!
By a rule of thumb, I won't share any images online that are "graphic" in nature (nipples or anything below the waist) unless I have your written permission.
With birth, there is lots of side boob, side butt, thigh and skin in the first place, so some of these things have to be included in your personal gallery.

I can't have a birth photographer. I'm really bummed.

I totally get it. Whether lack of money, trauma or unexpected circumstances got in the way of your dream, I have a birth photo alternative for you called"Raw 48." These are like condensed sessions that feature raw, intimate moments with you and your baby as soon as soon as possible after baby enters Earth side.

What if you miss the birth?

 I make it a priority to remain in communication with you and your labor support person. You will let me know once any sign of labor happens. Once I arrive, I stay as long as it takes. If you have a history of fast births, let me know and we will work a plan that feels good for you.

If something out of the ordinary happens and delivery is completely unexpected and fast for you, I will arrive as quickly as possible to document all we can while baby is new + we can schedule a family session for later.

What if I'm naked?

Lots of women are naked for the birth of their babies! I totally was for both kids. Whether you're hot or itchy from an epidural, it seems to be some kind of primal need. This is normal! Plus, there are a ton of important benefits to immediate skin to skin contact with your baby, including stabilizing heart rate and oxygen. Don't worry, the people in the room support you and understand. The most important thing is that you and baby are healthy and comfortable.

how soon will you attend my birth?

During active labor is the short answer! This will depend on each person. If you already have had children and know you have fast labors, I will make sure to make it to your birth as soon as possible.

What if I need a c-section?

Depending on your provider and the nature of your c-section, I may or may not be allowed into the room. Your provider needs to know that you will be hiring a photographer. Tell your provider in person and write it into your birth plan. Ask them for their photographer protocol for vaginal births + C-sections and we will work out a plan!

birth in duluth mn

Will you come to my home birth?

Absolutely! Photographing home births is a dream of mine! If you're giving birth at hospital or home I would love to support you and help you tell your story! I had my son in the hospital and my second child was born in a free standing birth center, now my third will be born at home! I'm all about variety. ;)