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It's a funny line to walk, you know, being a business person and... Well... A person. I need to be professional, timely, talented but I am also human. I'm relational. I've had heartbreak and trial, I feel deeply, fear deeply, connect intensely, just like you. I just have to say I LOVE my clients. I love them so much and I pray for every one of you. Fully professional and fully human. I am not a face behind a desk. I want to know you. That's how I photograph with passion. 


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I felt a connection to Heidi's family right away. As a veteran's wife and a mom. We chatted over the phone and I knew their hobbies, a bit about their background and story. I just love it. I can't say enough about having open communication and thank you Heidi for letting me into your life a little bit so I could fully be present for this awesome time! 

I'll tell you truly. Meeting up with your husband after a year or more isn't easy. I know when my husband's homecoming happened I felt like I was going to barf. You know, the happy, scared, can't wait to be with you kind of barf. 

I'll just leave these here because I'm a photographer, not an author. ;) Leave a "like" and a comment if you tear up!! 

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Military Homecoming Superior WI
military homecoming photography

Here come the buses!

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soldier return home
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soldier return home
Army reunited Superior WI
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Military Homecoming Photographer
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Son and Soldier reunite
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If you feel the love for this Wisconsin family, like, comment and share! Bless you Tagawas! 

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