Lindsi and Ida | In Home Session

I was so excited to shoot this in- home session in Alexandria, Ida had turned 3 months old and she continues to grow! I've always admired the decor and large windows in this home, so a delight to shoot for sure! A little knitting, hanging out and a cute little girl will always be the best of afternoon activities.



One thing I really love about documenting life as is, you don't need to interrupt any baby naps! Take your time, enjoy what life is already offering you. 

yarn blue yellow pink
sleeping baby nap
Newborn Duluth photo
Lifestyle Family
mom and daughter
funny infant
one baby
window mom and baby
basset hound family picture
honest diaper change

A diaper change complete with an i-Phone shot for mom, baby Ida was making a funny scowl face. :)  Then it's time to go outside for a few back yard portraits that mom requested.

i phone 6 baby
baby laugh indoor
funny baby orange bonnet
mint orange knit hats

There's something about wrinkly baby forehead that just tickles me.

outdoor portrait kiss
matte fall colors photo shoot

This is my favorite session to date. I hope you've enjoyed it too! <3


the end

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