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One thing about an in-home session that I love... It's always amazing. Okay, there's about a thousand things about these casual sessions that I love but this element that I'm about to go ga-ga over never fails to choke me up a little.

One day when you grow old and your children are grown and gone and your wrinkly hands reach for the old photo albums you can call your memories back with those very pictures. Which photos will you draw yourself to, to study and remember? Your family standing neatly in a line all smiling sweetly? Or recall your daughters tired eyes in the morning light, memories of chubby cheeks, Dad making breakfast on Saturday mornings or how funny your 4 month old looked when she was in a bad mood. (Oh, it might not be very funny when it's happening sometimes, but when we can look back we will even laugh at the toddler tantrums too.)

My day with the Matevvi family began in their home. When I arrived their 4 year old was still asleep and their baby girl was ready to get dressed. The quiet joy of a Saturday morning at 7:30AM. I'm totally down with that.

4 months old
baby and mom
Carlton Minnesota
feet hands eyes
girl in living room
organize toys
mommy daughter talk
once upon a time
breastfeeding photography
girl on couch
infant in swing
locally laid eggs
drinking milk
tired eyes
kitchen decor
peeping reach
nursing milk
4 year old
daddy hug
father daughter
daddy hands
mans best friend
family pet portrait
furry children

Well..... Ya can't fake this face, now can ya? LoL!!!! Baby E was less than thrilled, but she hardly made a peep!

mad face baby

Goodbye for now!


the end

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