A Review

I just wanted to blog one of my favorite reviews that I've gotten so far. It means so much to me when someone leaves an online review, takes the time to write me a hand written note or shoots a Facebook PM my way! Simple thank you's, some even just writing to tell me they cried tears of joy while sorting through their imagery. Others might not have words and that's totally cool too.
Cellie happens to be a woman of great and eloquent words. I just loved the way she put this one together.

Phenomenal photographer. She brings so much life, energy and creativity. I felt so comfortable and confident with her behind the lens- gently guiding, while I just got to be myself. I can’t how many times she had me laughing and smiling. My confidence soared as the shoot went on- she makes the ordinary beautiful.
— Cellie
courage coffee cup

Cheers to you and thanks for the awesome review, C!

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