You hear me talking about "lifestyle" a lot. I love being an artist in the North Woods by the cool, fresh air of Lake Superior. After moving to this city on a hill, Duluth photography called out something more in me than just portraiture. I love portraits! I admire so many photographers that can get a family to sit down, smile, and look pretty. If that's what you're looking for...


It's not me.


I'll always be here to take one or two nice portraits, but I'm here to document your real day. Seriously. I think you're super cool just how you are. Messy hair, dinner time, playing in bed with your kids, story time, breastfeeding your baby, gardening, going to the beach. This is the best to me. When I come to shoot a session with you, you'll go on with your day and I'll be right there with you to document it.

I want a weight to lift off of your shoulders that you can participate in a luxury like photography and continue your life. Kids haven't had their snack yet, they won't sit still or keep on their fancy jacket and tie? Hey, let's chill and not sweat it. Slow down. Breathe. Enjoy. We're going to get raw. We're going to tell a story. You're going to remember the beauty in the mundane.

artist collage

the end

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