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There's something about an indoor morning shoot. The light. The feeling of the morning. The gratifying feeling of drinking your first cup of coffee. I headed out to East Duluth this spring to photograph a family in their home. There's something so humbling about being invited into someone else's house. Haha, well, it can be awkward even. I try my best to make it as casual as possible. I make myself at home, talk to the kids, pet the dogs and cats. It's fun! This family is so natural, gentle, equipped with good humor and the sweetest down -to - earth-ness that I could ask for. And there's something special that makes this mom and her daughters really unique. Something I never could have dreamed up on my own! You'll have to scroll to the end to see what it is! 

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Okay here it is. This is what I was talking about. Not only is there inside beauty what sets them apart from others but they have a physical mark too. Both daughters and mom. Right in the middle of their foreheads. Do you see it yet? In the written story of Peter Pan, the author would call it a "kiss." It's a birth mark. In the shape of a heart. I am MELTING.  What a fun, interesting and unique gift from The Maker who knit them in the womb! He really marked them with something truly special. 


The End.

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