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I knew this was the right family for me to be photographing because as soon as I got into the house, Caitlin wasn't ready. Oh, this wasn't a bad thing at all! This was perfect. I caught her in a total mom moment, getting her baby ready. (Not only that but I got to give her advice on how to get poop off of a cloth diaper, but hey, that's another story.) Not only was she not ready, but that is seriously the perfect moment for me because you're doing things that are important to your family, getting your kids ready, brushing hair, changing diapers, picking the last of the toys off of the floor. If you're thinking, "Wow sounds like me." That's not bad! This is the foundation of our lives as parents. A whole lot of boring things leading up to those few beautiful moments in the day. You know what I mean. It might seem like the day is filled up with dishes and sweeping and wiping but as soon as you lock eyes with your kids and they say "I love you" all the poop, the crumbs, the spills, the whining melts away. So if I come to your house and you're not ready yet? Well, I might give you a hug. 


The Cole's live on a farm in a small Minnesota town. We were contemplating postponing the shoot because it was about to storm but we risked it anyway. It even started raining but that didn't stop us! 

This spirited sweet heart had all sorts of things to show me. Flowers, rocks, feathers, things she found. When I asked her to twirl for me (I demonstrated a delicate little spin) she kind of seemed to look at me funny. Then she full blown jumped around in circles wildly. I was so inspired by her spunk! 

girl with flower

If you didn't know it already, I love out takes. Some are more beautiful and even funnier than if they would have turned out "right." I embrace this imperfection and is a part of having hand crafted, custom photography. 

duluth photography
MN farms
Duluth MN Farms
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family photography
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Going for a walk
Farming Tractor
family photos
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This insanely cool baby gate was hand-made by Dad! He also made a wooden co sleeper I didn't get a photo of here, but If I ever see that gorgeous piece again I will definitely get a photo of it! I love DIY-er families! 

Documentary photography
in home photography
Family laughing
1 year old photos
baby in crib
1 year old boy

I can't say anything more other than I was so honored to document a family that I felt so connected to and I am seriously into this farm thing!!! They gave me fresh eggs after this session! They were the bomb diggitiest eggs I've ever tasted. So if you have a farm and you think it's a beautiful way to live, I would love to connect with you! 
Note: This was a mini session. If you're interested in a mini session with me, easy peasy squeezy! Just send me an email asking about them! 


The end. 

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