Why Saying "No" Will Free You

The Christmas season left me empty. (We'll talk about that later.) I was out of gas. Nothing left. Not for me. Not for my kids. Not for my loving husband. I even lost the taste for chocolate for a week. That's how I know it's serious. 

I forgot to say  no. 

I began something in my business. Something to leave me full of energy. Plenty of love to go around. Full of passion. Over flowing with inspiration from you. 

Because there is no me without you. 

Oh, there would be ME, as in Miranda-Mom-Of-Two "me." But my business-me wouldn't last. Business-me is a fire. She longs for adventure and conversations and laughing with strangers. She's so much different than SAHM-me, which is usually  just a normal mom in yoga pants and a cup of coffee waiting for the next free second to finish her soap. 

But business-me!! She drives to create beautiful images of people she's never met. She builds relationships and community with like-minded moms. I want that fire to stay. 

So I changed something. 

I decided to only cover intimate sized weddings. Get this. With 25 people or less on the guest list.

This doesn't get me 100 wedding clients a year. 

This doesn't give me the biggest pay check. 

But it gives air to the flame in my heart for capturing love. 
I've had to say no to several inquiries this year, gigs that would  pay the mortgage. But I don't want a gig.
I want a heart connection with you. 
So I can capture that moment of nervous ecstasy before the kiss. 

Wedding Photographers in Duluth Mn

So I can help you hold on to your little secret before telling your parents.

Silver Bay Photographer Weddings

So we are in complete harmony on the biggest day of your life! 

Duluth MN Elopement photographer

It's already the beginning of the year and I have defnitely said no a lot. That's okay! I think you should say no too. When you do, you will save room for everything you need. You will customize your life. You don't need to do anything. Except be yourself. 

Saying "no" has got me... Saying "YES!" to my passions! This is a great thing! This frees up my time, energy and love for couples that are creating a specific type of wedding. All you non-traditionals, all you casuals, all you  court-house wedding peeps, I have a niche just for you! 

I have room in my books for a limited number of weddings this year. If you are having an intimate wedding with less than 25 people on your guest list, if non-traditional is your middle name, if you don't want a photographer following you around all day,  if you're eloping,  please contact me and we will chat about love, life, your favorite things and how pizza is necessary for happiness. 

Comment below and tell me what you are saying "NO!" to this year!! 

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