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Fear # 2 Is Out Of Your Control


Maybe that's why it freaks us out so much. We can't control our kids 24/7. Before you had kids you probably thought to yourself "My child will never throw a fit in the store." or "I'll never allow that." Then you realize that little angel of yours can throw a fit with the best of 'em and might win an award in the ability to stiffen their body the straightest while Mommy tries to grab them. 

You're hitting the replay button on the same old negative self talk in your mind. Like reciting Fear #1 and #2 in your head, you've been telling yourself that somehow you're not the right family unit for an in-home session, or somehow it won't be as beautiful for you. You tell yourself how you don't deserve it.

You're wrong. I'm going to tell you why. 

 Firstly, if you missed how to defeat Fear #1, you can find it on the blog here.

Your Kids Won't Behave
This Is Why It Doesn't Matter

I capture beauty that already exists. No one has to perform for me. 

A silly, spirited kid that won't sit still is AWESOME to photograph. There is no set standard on how children should act during a session with me. Completely put your trust in me, this is already what I do! 

I understand that parenting challenges come in all shapes. If you're worried about your children throwing fits during a session, please see Why Tantrums Are Okay + 5 Sour Mood Tips To Save Your Session.

Childhood goes by so fast. Preserving genuine memories and documenting personality is what makes Lifestyle photography so special. 

These are images of my day last week. My son wouldn't put his pants on all day. He thought it was hilarious. I see creative, mischievous little people enjoying their childhood. I see how funny my boy is. He wants to make others laugh. They are free spirits. I will never experience this same day again. 

When they are too old to fit on Mommy's lap I will hold these photos so dear. I'll wish I had this season back, no matter how challenging it was. I'll look on these images and remember who my kids were. Wiggly. Laughable. Fearless. 

I think we could learn a little something from that. 

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