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Birth photographer in Duluth MN

This newborn is just 5 hours old. Need I say more? When I walked into the hospital room Erin was wide eyed, alert and held a swaddled baby in her arms. He's a boy and his name is Evan.

By the way, I just had to mention the wide eyed and alert thing because when I gave birth, I'm pretty sure I was so out of it from the fresh memory of birthing pains, I was in an out of some strange euphoria and a dead sleep. Not this mamma! Erin was absolutely poised and the energy in the room was peaceful and exciting at once.

I was so impressed how skillfully dad picked up baby and loved him instantly. He shifted in his hospital chair a little bit asking what he should do for the photos. I don't remember what I said but it was probably something like "Do that." or "Just hang out." haha, I was a little immersed in the moment. And Dad did great, didn't he? He enjoyed baby while I snapped the photos and he may have even forgot that I was there! 

I so appreciate my clients putting their trust in me to capture the moments. It can feel a little funny having your photos taken with all eyes on you, but I promise after a nervous laugh or two you will settle into the feeling of my camera pointing at you. Just being you will come as easy as pie.  

Baby was a pro model, of course. Welcome to the world, sweet boy. 



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