Tips For Hiring A Photographer


I'm so glad your tastes vary! You could rock an airbrushed face, gorgeous gown at Park Point, or adore having a photographer in your home for a closer look at your home life, and love both of those styles.
Here's the thing: I cannot do both. Each style in between immaculate and raw, sticky mess, I am simply me.
Respect that we cannot do it all. Hire us for the work we currently do.

Me? I would be so honored if you asked me to come to your home and photograph you drinking coffee and building blanket forts with your kids. 




Yes, I'm going there. The-don't-bring-this-up-at-a-social-gathering-along-with-religion-and-politics subject. Money.

It's no secret. Talented photographers are expensive. Some of you passionately feel this is unfair. I won't go into taxes, or even the fact that I've been needing new underwear for like a year. (TMI?)

Planning your session, memorizing your names, your kids names, the time spent in email correspondence. The fact is, I'm working right now as I type. That's right. I'm clocked in, baby.

We skip family dinners, pay for child care, sign the check for the mortgage, and spend hours in front of a screen, hoping to God that you love what we've done for you. On occasion, yeah, we need new undies. 

Do you work a regular job? Chances are, The Fair Labor Protection Act makes it illegal for you to work without pay.

Photographers only ask for that same right. A human right. To get paid while working. When you respect our prices, no matter how high, we appreciate that. It's good! MUAH!


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Let's be real, you don't want to spend time with someone that drives you crazy. Spend time on our website, go through a couple blogs, find us on Instagram and watch our stories! (My Insta here) We're putting our faces out there so you can know us!!! Yes!! Watch my stories, I'm makeup-less, bra-less.... (Wait, is that just me?) We do this so our personality and little bits of our every day lives can connect us. I'd love to hear from you, btw! I love messages and comments on Insta! 


State parks in Duluth, Minnesota



 Every one of us, as people, as business owners, we are all a different flavor. If me and you are not jiving, it's all gravy! I cannot be the one for every one.

You are not obligated to complete and utter loyalty. Want to try the photographer across town, or do you like 7 different artists in the area? Try them out! Have a blast!!! It's okay, I'm not mad, and I'm happy you're supporting other small businesses.

I don't ever expect to have ALL the business, clients and money there ever was. Repeat clients are great, but if you're in for the variety, seriously, go for it, I'm happy for you!


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