Fear # 3 | I Won't Look Good


My clients are beautiful.

All shapes, sizes, skin tones, and ages.

Want to know my secret?

I don't change them. I don't air brush. I don't slim their hips or faces, I don't edit out stray hairs or wrinkles. Truth is inherently beautiful. The allure of honesty is unstoppable. Truth will always be attractive.

"I won't look as good as your other clients."

Correction. You won't look like them. I won't make you different. But I will find the best in you. Yes, you will look good. You will look like you.


Trusting me is the foundation.

I will find your best no matter what. I got you, babe. I need you to know that. Then we can really do this thang together.

Accepting yourself is freeing.

I promise to find the angles most flattering, the light that makes you glow. (And I totally edit out the occasional blemish, I understand this!) I want you to celebrate yourself, appreciate the laughter, not the magazine perfect body. The care you have for your kids, not your belly pooch. I am a professional. I will make you shine honestly and beautifully. This is about emotion, not being a model. It's about saving your memories, not holding yourself up to some standard of perfection you made up in your mind.

Hartley Nature Center
Duluth photographer

I'm Miranda. I had this nutso idea that I'd own a business, be a stay at home mom and remodel our home.
I want to give you photos that are anything but traditional. Cheesy smiles? No way, Suzy Mae! Generic? Poo poo! Every session I do is unique and spirited, embracing the crazy and making it into beautiful art.

Contact me if ya down and ya dig! I have tons of ideas for you!

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