The Messy hair poem


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Whether it's comments from your mother in law, a stranger. Your sister. A grandmother. "I hope my child doesn't turn out like that." As they nod disapprovingly at your wild child, running circles around you in the grocery store. "Have you tried putting a bow in her hair?" Maybe it's been more out right. Maybe you've been told to stop breastfeeding or faced disapproving looks when you've expressed your need to formula feed. You've been told to spank and corner them, school them and be tougher on them.

Take sound advice. Smile and thank them. Think about it, consider it, but never let anyone belittle you. Discern the judgement from the wisdom. Seek advice from those you admire and discard the rest.

You are the parent. A spill on a shirt or a little bed head never harmed a soul, Nurture her inner wild. Let her keep some of it as she grows and you teach.

I'm fairly certain...

She will need a little wild to become great.

wild child

Messy hair
Don't care
Mommy brain
Staying sane
Messy hair
So they stare
They don't know
And I don't owe
A single excuse
Her hair is a mess
Because I'm blessed
With a daughter of will strong
And messy hair isn't wrong


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