Intimate Winter Wedding at The Court House


Christmas still in the air and big fat fluffy snowflakes falling by the still, quiet lake. It was basically magic over at Canal Park. Then we made our way to the Duluth Court house for the ceremony. If you're wondering if you should have your ceremony there, hallway lights are beautiful and the architecture is timeless. If you can't get outside, I recommend it!

I felt connected to Andrew and Angela immediately when I met them. I always ooo and ahh over a bride expecting a baby. Andrew, I'm quite certain gingers just have a mutual understanding of one another. I don't know. Maye we're all just beautiful, red, telepathic aliens.

I'll just say it, I hope your baby is ginger. There.

Just a note, if you offer me champagne and Bailey's filled chocolate truffles, the answer is always yes.

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Fitgers wedding reception

On a super important note, Andrew and Angela made this out of one of our photos. Thought you might need to see it.

Star wars Wedding
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