Here I Come, Sucky Or Not| Now Booking 2018 | Duluth, MN Photographer

I'm booking next year already! Then I'm hyperventilating. Just a little.

I'm nervous for next year. Can I help my family, will I pay the bills I want to pay? Will Duluth still want my pictures? Want me? Will I somehow "lose" what I have?

There's a little alter ego Miranda poking at my back, "It was basically a fluke, you're not really all that good, it's pretty much an accident, now you're going drown in poverty, suffer never ending creative blocks and you'll never get your mojo back,  BUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Yeah. Inner voices are like that sometimes. Real witches.

Despite the fear that I'll fail my own family, trying is better than giving up. I'm stepping out and letting you know I'm booking for next year.


Hear that universe and alter ego Mir?? I'm booking for next year, so great ready for me!!! So too bad so sad, real Mir coming through! (And I suggest you say the same to your inner meanie! No more negative self talk, kay?)

Here are some of the families I served this year. I can't thank you enough for making this beauty come alive.

photographers in Two Harbors, MN
This is Us.
Miranda, thank you. For seeing our beauty and for helping me to see it too.
— Gina
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photographers in grand rapids, mn
Cloquet MN Photographer
I adore them. You are so amazingly talented. I’m recommending you to everyone I know.

— Sarah
Hartley Nature
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