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I remember being a senior, I never got my photos done by a professional. I wish I had! Congratulations, Cassidy!

Grads are out of my norm, but I had a lot of fun with this! If you'd like to schedule your lovely senior girl for a photo shoot this summer, I'd love to chat! Contact me for available dates! (Sorry senior boys, I'm not ready for you yet! I'm just dipping my toes into senior sessions and I need to take this slow with what I know first. I'll let you know if this changes! Thanks for understanding!) 

Our senior session will be laid back, a short hour and a half and 2 locations with over 50 photos, and you don't have to pick and choose your favorites! I send you all the best ones and you can download them all! I've got lots of ideas for locations in the Duluth area! <3

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Senior graduation photos in duluth
Cassidy_Grad (19).jpg
graduation pictures in duluth
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Tischer creek
senior photography in Canal Park
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Cassidy_Grad (81).jpg
Cassidy_Grad (31).jpg
Cassidy_Grad (44).jpg
Cassidy_Grad (66).jpg
grad photos in canal park
Canal Park
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Duluth pack
urban senior
Duluth MN
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