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When you walk into a hospital room, baby freshly born, there's a happy silence. The pains of the night before are gone and you have a sweet smelling, chubby faced baby attempting to stare back at yours and boom. You made life.
The body that held the baby is empty once again. Moms always feel a little discombobulated after this feeling of emptiness fills us. Whether relieved or sad to "have your body back" again, it's an out of body experience. It takes a while to get yourself back. You have to figure out how to hold two children at once, find the baby's favorite way to be burped, and accept the changes as your status of motherhood grew overnight.
This is such a tender, emotional time and I am happy to be a part of it. You wear motherhood well, Felicia. You will always have enough love, enough arms, enough grit, humor and time for them both. You are blessed!

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Raw 48 sessions are 30 minutes long and easy peasy! I will never disrupt your need to change, feed and care for baby. In fact, it's these things that will make your photographs beautiful. Contact me for more information!

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