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 The Miller-Dwan Foundation is hosting the 17th annual ARTcetera, a gourmet dinner and luxury auction gala and more! New Earth will be included in Duluth Loves Local's awesome basket of donations from local businesses and I'm so happy to be included in the basket! I donated a full middle package for the highest bidder of this awesome collection and some of my favorite Miranda's Tangerine scents. (MT is my hobby businesses. I hand make natural lip balm with organic essential oils, if you try it, your lips will never want to go back!)

The bidding monies will go toward The Miller-Dwan's mental health wing updates and renovations. Tickets to attend are $150+ and you may reserve your spot by calling 218-786-5829.

I love being a part of a great community of photographers in Duluth and connecting with events in the city makes it even more awesome. Duluth has a pride and support for local businesses that I've never seen before and I love watching them team up. Being included together with these super people? Even Better.

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Photo Credit : Bailey Aro

Miranda is a Duluth photographer, mother of two. Celebrating families of all kinds, documenting their true moments, revealing the beauty in the mundane. Using relaxed techniques and unique vision, sessions are powerful in experience but low-pressure. All you need to do is be yourself.

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