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4 Things I Probably Shouldn't Tell You

When you watch any business online you get to see a lot of "business face" happening. The great head shots, the perfect catch phrases, beautiful photography to represent their brand and products. It's super. I love small business. I love watching local business owners in Duluth to see what they do and what they offer and how they make this city better. I definitely want you to see I am professional and ready to work for you. I also want you to see who is behind the camera. I am no robot. I am a human with intricate emotions, fears and dreams. When you hire me you don't just get the photos, you need to work with me and the personality is a package deal, baby! 
So here I am. I took photos of my daughter and I playing just for this blog! Here we are in our bare room that we are currently remodeling.

I probably shouldn't tell you this but...

1. I get tired of being a mom.

The grabbing the screaming, the stains. I get really, really frustrated. I think about the days I was childless. I napped when I wanted to, took the kind of job I wanted, lived in a small apartment and drank wine every night. It was really cool. Now I hide in the bathroom to eat chocolate. It's not glamorous. Don't get me wrong, I'm super grateful, every day I am thankful and kiss my children and love them, even on bad days. I wouldn't take it back or wish them away! Still. I'm just tired. 

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2. I feel like I'm failing.

Now we're really getting into it. Every day I feel like I'm messing up on something and I am, it's no lie. My kids have too much screen time, I don't get all my house chores done and sometimes I just don't make dinner because I don't feel like it. I wish I was better at life. Right now, in this season, I'm not a good house wife. I don't have it together. 

3. Yes, I'm still breastfeeding. Still. Yes. STILL. 

Haha, okay so it might seem a little private. To me, it's not, it's normal. Supporting breastfeeding moms is a big part of my business. I document families in their every day beauty and sometimes that includes nursing your babies and toddlers and I am. so. cool. with that. I think it is a beautiful, biologically normal act to breastfeed your kids past infancy and I want you to know that I don't just support that, I experience that! So if we're in the middle of a session and your nurslings are crying and need something to soothe them, you don't need to hide or wait. I will help you document this time with your little ones, no matter what. 

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 4. I'm a Christian.

"Hold the phone, Miranda! You own a business, isn't that you know.. A little personal?" Yeah! It really is personal and I am so okay with sharing that information with you. I will lose some clients sharing information like this. That's okay too. This is all part of being a human, I'm not just a professional. I want you to know who I am. I am a photographer that will offer something others might not. Prayer for my clients, love for God and transparency so you can know who you are hiring. I give glory to God for every scrap of success I've had. I can't wait to see where else He leads me. 

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The end.

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