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White Spruce | Fun At The Barn


Bailey is my girly businessy crush! She’s shot my wedding photos, photographed my family and my big pregnant belly. She’s all OUT THERE DOIN’ THE THINGS. Running an intentional gifting business ova dere in da nort woods at White Spruce Market and a photographer for Bailey Aro. (My favorite page is Learn from Bailey page, can you guess why?) Miss B (not what you think it means, this is just what happens when I drink coffee before I write) invited me to her little barn, where the magic happens, for a photo session for White Spruce Market, to get dog hair and canine slobber all up in my mouth and look at all the goodies she has for her business! And, uh, they’re the cutest, most woodsiest, most Minnesota-iest goodies in the world. If you feel like nothing is going right in the world, at least you can order a beautiful gift for a loved one with a click of a button.

Isn’t everything about this the cutest and funnest and bestest?

How many words can I write, that aren’t actually words?

You’ll never know.

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