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I love Sadie and Shaun's home on the hill in lovely Duluth! When I was designing their session plan there were a few things that stuck out to me the most. They love their 2 cats and new puppy Evey (named after Evey from V for Vendetta, duh!) and spending time together at home, grilling outside, drinking local brews and just hanging out. That's exactly what we did.

First things first when I walk into your home. I always shoot the first few things that pop out to me. In this case, it was Alex staring at me from the top of the stairs, (Ha!! Cats.... They just get me.) and Evey begging to see me from behind the homemade gate Shaun had made for her! (Aww!) Second, I always give a quick pep talk!

the hello shots

A couple of things I go over when we first meet for our shoot:

You don't have to pretend like I'm not here. I am. I'm totally with you taking photos of your beautiful life! We can get awkwardly giggly or chat it up or embrace whatever feelings that come with this. It's okay!

It's just like hanging out, so no big! Have some drinks, make dinner, even eat if you want to! Be silly, we are in this together, whatever your session plan looks like. We already know what you will be doing for your photos when I get there when I design your session plan for you. (Contact me about session plans. Plus, how many more parenthesis can I use? Keep reading to find out!)

rental sweet rental
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playing with the new puppy
Be still and Kitty
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Duluth MN Photographer
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Not only do I love Sadie's taste in decor but these guys are just the cutest! They made dinner, snuggled their cats and played with Evey, and grilled dinner on the porch. Sound easy? Simple? Well, it is.

Lifestyle sessions can be super simple and there is always beauty to be photographed in every nook, around every corner. Simple love, play and enjoying your family's company brings out the best in you. You are naturally relaxed and happy and you're in a place where you know you belong and you're accepted. That's when I see individuals at their most open, vulnerable. That's when laughter happens, that's where beauty is. We don't have to pretend. You already have it in your life, it's just waiting to be captured.

rescued puppy
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