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As I sit here now, noticing the scratches my 2 year old made on my trusty computer monitor, where I do 95% of my work I only sigh because I am not surprised. She just poured an entire container of apple juice in a bowl, (and we all know that won't fit) and my son is playing way too many games on my phone.

Perfect is over rated.

Perfect is boring.

Maybe that's why I find it acceptable when things aren't going right. It's not that I want to create chaos, I'm just a mom that works at home. There is no balance, no matter how much I search.  With the scratches on my perfect monitor and the cereal that got spilled on the floor, and the crumbs sticking to my feet I can take a deep breath in and be thankful.

It's okay. Repeat it with me. It's okay.


As I walked into Gina and Michael's home, I found myself sitting on their living room floor, talking to them, I immediately felt akin (also laughing for sitting on their floor right when I walk in, I'm so weird.) Maybe because she writes for Duluth Mom Blog or her love for succulents and air plants, but let's face it, anyone who has an equal love for both donuts and avocados is at the top of my "I like you" list.

While their kids were showing off for me I loved catching the laughter between Mom and Dad. You have complete acceptance for your children, their varied personalities, the rough and tumble of C, the sweet, gentle spirit of R and the reaching hands of I, you got this. I so admire your ability to love each individually.

You got this. You got this so much.

I almost cancelled the session. No time. No energy. I did it because she’s so sweet and I didn’t want to be that girl that flakes out.

I’m not going to lie. When I opened the gallery, my first thoughts went to the 15 extra pounds that I’m carrying around and to the things I’d change if money and time were no object.

And then I stopped. And I saw the beauty. I saw the beauty of my little girl choosing to wear a shirt that she has chewed holes in because it’s a nervous habit and she can’t stop and yes, she wears a stocking cap in the house. I see my boys wrestling on their beds and pats on the head and hugs and books and guitars and board games and chocolate chip cookies.

This is Us.

A few extra pounds heavy and a whole lot of lucky. In light of what’s going on in the world today, it’s perfection. Every single thing I’d like to change is perfect just the way it is.

Miranda, thank you. For seeing our beauty and for helping me to see it too.
— Gina

I tried so hard to not use this song, but my mind just kept going back to it, it just had to be.

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Painting and graphite drawing by Sarah Brokke Erickson

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She's singing, isn't she sweet? :)

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