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Duluth MN Photography | Introducing Penny Lane!

After getting two kitties for my son we found out he was severely allergic! It was a really sad time for him to give them away. Even though it seems like nothing, (and maybe I'm just a big softy.) but small events like that can take a toll on a little person. He finally has had a healing for his little heart when we bought him a Beagle! And her name is Penny Lane! We searched the whole city of Duluth and Animal Allies but we just couldn't find the right fit for us. By the way, Animal Allies is an awesome Humane Society and I was so impressed by their professional and safe methods and care for the animals that live there! I highly suggest that you visit them just to volunteer or adopt your own pet. 
I hope you enjoy this little look into our lives and come on! Who doesn't like puppies!

Duluth MN in Fall Autumn
Duluth Puppy
Pet Photography
Running Dog
puppy running
baby beagle
Duluth Puppy
running dog
Pet Photography in Duluth MN
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