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 I want more for you in every aspect of life. So much more meaning. More laughter, quiet, peace, excitement. Surprise. My sessions are no different. I aim for more. If it's possible that I.... ME... Little ol' me... Could supply more meaning for you in at least one piece of your life, in our sessions, I will wear that privilege with pride.
I was excited to drive to the Minneapolis area to see this family and photograph the art of their life.

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I don't know what Kim Taylor wrote this song for, but these words remind me of how it feels to transition into motherhood and belonging to a new family, that is no longer Mom and Dad. It's husband, it's baby. The same person you were before, but not. Linked forever to other people who you are so close to, that sometimes feel like an extension of yourself. . Sometimes painfully so. Sometimes with so much joy you can't contain.

I am tied by truth like an anchor
Anchored to a bottomless sea
I am floating freely in the heavens
Held in by your heart's gravity

All because of love
All because of love
Even though sometimes you don't know who I am

I am you, everything you do
Anything you say, you want me to be
You're me with your charms on a chain
Linked eternally in what we can't undo
And I am you

All my senses awaken to the changes
And I feel alive inside my own skin
All my reasons tell just how strange it is
Coming home to a place I've always been

And it's all for love
And it's all for love
Even though sometimes, I don't know who I am

I am you

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