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Birth Photographers in Duluth MN | Crystal's Birth

I had the huge honor of photographing my friends birth last year. At that time, I wasn't able to offer birth photography to clients. I've always been super bummed about not being able to follow my passion because to me, birth + camera = BEST EVER.

Thanks to some crazy turn of events I am NOW OFFERING BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY to the Twin Ports and surrounding towns! I can finally show off these photos a year later!

Congratulations on your baby boy, Crystal.

5 centimeters and smiling!! I can't believe this girl, what a rock star! (I think i was on the floor mooing like a cow at this point. Hey, it happens.)

birth photographer in duluth
birth photography in duluth

Catching baby! I love that you can see mom's hand reaching out.

birth photographers in duluth

The O.B showing mom baby's gender here. Surprise! It's a boy!!

st lukes birthing
hospital birth
grandma seeing baby

Lots of hospitals dim lights during pushing and after baby is born. The light is hard on their eyes! I don't work with any flash and use light available to make sure your experience isn't interrupted.

This was a full room! Everyone is taking pictures and calling family to make the announcement.

making the announcement
2016-3-01 Crystals Birth-172.jpg
birth photographer

Goodnight mamma. Congratulations! <3

Your birth story comes with a newborn mini. Click hear to learn more about birth stories and frequently asked questions.

There is no better person to capture such a undefined, indescribable, breathtaking moment as a birth of a child!! I will be forever grateful that you were there to not only be a light and joy with your positive energy flowing out but to also capture this moment forever!! I can’t thank you enough!! Anyone will be so lucky to have you!
— Crystal
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