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Park Point Wedding At The Beach House

It was seriously windy. Superior's waves beat the shore. An autumn wedding on the beach? In Duluth, yessiree! A little "weather" on a wedding day never bothers me. It adds to the energy of everyone around. I saw so many excited, laughing faces. The kids were giggling and wiggly. Their parents hugging, the warmth of the guests connecting with those around them outdid the cold wind by far. I saw so much love not only in the bride and groom but the people around them. These are the kind of people who cherish one another, they eat and laugh with gratitude. I was so humbled to be a part of these moments and capture all the varying faces and with each person, a positive attitude followed close. Ryan and Anna, you have an amazing set of people around you! You are so blessed!

Anna and Ryan had collected Lake Superior rocks and put them in a box labeled "Blessing Stones." Each guest held a stone and prayed/good vibed the heck outta those rocks. The ceremony took place near the beach house. When it was time to throw the rocks in, the entire party made their way into the sand, with the bride and groom leading the way. (Check out that pic, I LOVE it!) At the kiss, everyone threw their stone into the great lake. I love unique ideas like this. Creating your own memories fills your soul in ways money can't buy. You can read about that on this post.

Beach House Duluth MN
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Park Point Duluth

I love that they are surrounded by their peeps during their ceremony. Stand up ceremonies are one of my favorites! It increases the intimate, close feel of small weddings and makes your guests feel involved and the bride and groom feel supported with loved ones close by.

Park Point Beach Wedding

Here we go, everyone down to the shore for the kiss and rock throwing! What a photo! The couple and their supportive tribe following behind.

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superior wedding
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Lake Superior Photography
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Duluth wedding

These awesome folks met at Oktoberfest during a SAUERKRAUT EATING CONTEST. While they were telling me their story together, Ryan laughed that he didn't win the contest but Anna seemed to like him anyway, then pulled out a 2012 Oktoberfest charm from the day that they met. Everyone go "awww!"

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If you're interested in booking Park Point or the Beach House for your wedding, you can read about it here.

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