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Chocolate Chip pancakes, Beards & Bangs | Grand Rapids, MN


When you meet those certainsouls and instantly connect. I felt like a part of the family when I walked into the Venditto's house, I was invited in by pops of color and antique furniture, funny stories from Tara and Tony. (Their Grand Rapids house Is for sale, BTW and it's ADORABLE.) Tara is a wicked talented photographer for A Splendid Adventure Photography with a KICK BUTT website. They totally fed me a chocolate chip pancake. (not spoon fed, they just gave me one to eat.) The youngest talked to me about her dreams of flying unicorns and the oldest offering her latest thoughts on the meaning of life. They switched on a vinyl of Jack White and we just played around and chatted!

On my end, it's a scary experience. Being invited into someone's living space and asked to create. It's humbling, and I totally have to pee every time I get up to someone's door to knock, that's how nervous I am. As soon as I smell bacon on the frying pan and parents speaking quietly to each other in the kitchen while they make pancakes, kids beg for my attention and music is turned on, I am completely immersed into photographing your life. I am committed to doing it beautifully.

Please press play and scroll. Be upbeat. Feel good.

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"It's not mine, It's Mia's. I take it and look at it sometimes."

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grand rapids mn photographer
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I just can't help it, this photo is SO funny!!!! Expect some hilarious out takes, just cuz.

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Generic family photos? Anywhere but here! We'll be odd balls together, I pinky promise! Don't hesitate to contact me, friend! You don't need ideas or the perfect home. I have something soooo much better than perfect, I've got unique plans and ideas just for you. Trust me, I got yo' back!

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