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Jay Cooke, Minnesota

What do you get when two redhead photographers hang out? Adventure, laughter and rock climbing of course! Okay, really girly "rock climbing" trying not to get our tootsies too wet but it's the fun that counts!

Makayla is the photographer for Modern Memories Photography from Superior, Wisconsin and the Twin Ports area. Grads, engaged couples and those looking for a wedding photog who seek adventure, dark warm tones and some fun with a cool gal! Plus, I'm totally on her website and I know you all want to see more of me. ;)

These headshots for Makayla's business were all about showing her clients that she might be a cutie pie, but she's a real girl boss and go-getter and I know this first hand! Not only did I ask her to climb into a ditch which she practically skipped in but I was like "hey, will you stand on that cliff for me?" and she was all about it!

If you're not afraid to get your boots and hands a little dirty but embrace you're inner giggly goddess all at once, this is the girl for you!

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Miranda took every ounce of nervousness I had and let it loose. It’s weird, being a photographer and having NEVER stepped foot in front of a camera - she took all the crazies running around in my head and totally chilled them out! I couldn’t have picked anyone else who would have done a better job at taking the pieces of me that were most important and really bringing them into play in our images.
— Makayla - Modern Memories Photography
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