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Backyard Family Garden Session + Ice Cream + 2 PitBulls

What's the use in waiting for tomorrow to come? Today holds so many beautiful gifts that we can have right now.


I know their family completely digs that, no matter how hard it is.

This is what Danielle had to say about it:

" As a family we are not fully whole yet, we will be living far away for the next two years but all the while our two dogs are with my parents. Those two dogs of our mean the world to us and time just keeps passing by. - - -  When we lived out of state, we were in such a rush to speed up time in order to be back to Minnesota that we forgot to cherish our moments together. I really want to capture where we are at in our lives right now because while we may not be exactly where we want to be, we have made it through so much.  I think it's time we celebrate that."

I can't agree more. You could wait for the perfect time to have a session, or you could embrace everything now. If we always waited for the perfect time to celebrate life, all we would do is wait. Nothing is perfect. However, we can learn to embrace every twist, every crash and burn. We can celebrate small accomplishments to the huge moments, like birth and birthdays and weddings. Every transitional period, every mundane day, every totally normal piece to the puzzle is a perfect gift already, all on it's own. You don't need wait for something special to come along. Though life is sometimes crazy and sad it's also amazing and packed with surprises at every turn. Family sessions are for everyone in any period of time, no matter how boring or exciting, there is always something gorgeous to document in my eyes.

 While we didn't shoot in their own home, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's back yard to re-unite with the pups and have their favorite treat. Ice cream! Sweet 2 year old Harlow picked vegetables in the back yard. (And shoved as much in her mouth as she could! That is one healthy kid!!) With all the kisses, hugs and so much laughter, this session was truly magical.

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I love this one. Goodnight, Harlow.

I am so happy with how everything turned out and how much Harlow loved taking pictures! I cannot say thank you enough! Miranda you are a such great photographer and a truly lovely person! You made it such a fun and easy session. We are still talking about it!
— Danielle + Berkley
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