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4 More Things I Probably Shouldn't Tell You

When I came out with the first 4 things, I was blown away by the response. As I was sitting here tying up loose ends with editing and trying to have alone time while my 2 year old takes a way too late nap, (she's going to be up until midnight I just know it.) I started thinking about more things I shouldn't tell you, plus my failures needed fresh photos. ;)

Because I got no filta!!! (Yes, actually I do, but it sounds cool.) Here we go!!

This image by Bailey Aro

This image by Bailey Aro


#1 I'm Putting On A Face

"There. She finally said it." YES. I. DID. H TO THE ECK YEAH.  I'm a journalist in my dreams, a narrator in my head and I'm a controversial girl that would enjoy an invigorating debate on religion and politics. I have family problems, I got drama, past regrets, deep hurts and pains up to my eyeballs and do you know what is even more important? I am just like you. My life is no more shiny or put together than yours. Yes, I put on a face. That might make me sound like a big fat fraud, but it's not because I'm fake, ya'll. That's not it. Not because I want everybody to believe I'm perfect. I'm not. Know what I am? I'm private and I'm positive. I like to put my best foot forward and as much as I like to feel the gratification that comes with spilling all my guts and problems I believe the world needs more light hearts, less complaining and probably a bigger dose of good humor and laughter

#2 I'm Awkward

I'm 28 and fighting against the God given weirdness is just futile by this point.


#3 I Talk Too Loud

I grew up with all chatty girls. Growing up, everybody talked at the same time, it's mass chaos trying to get an idea across. As the creative one in the family with unique ideas and a voice longing to be heard, If I wanted someone to hear me, I had to be loud, and I mean loud. It's stuck with me to this day and it's an accident, I promise!

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#4 I'm Self Conscious

Feeling comfortable in new situations is not my forte, I'm probably second guessing what I said 20 minutes ago, I might not be so great with social situations, but the two things I'm sure about are my abilities to photograph you and my ability to mother my children.


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