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Cozy Family Session | Backyard Campfire | In The Woods

 I am SUCH a lucky photographer! Nicole fed me her famous flour-less chocolate cake. I hope I didn't look like a total fool, because I think I scarfed it down pretty fast.

I photograph food in some way or another I think in all of my sessions, at least 99% of them. Food brings people together, adds color to your photographs and brings families together. Preparing meals and eating brings family together, so I always recommend you involve food in one way or another!  plus you can totally eat in front of the camera, I swear it's not as weird as it sounds!  (Pssssst, Nicole, a little birdie told me this is a secret family recipe from your grandmother!!! It was delicious!)

Nicole and Michael wanted a few photos of their family and end the session on a sweet, romantic note with just the two of them. They even sang me a song! <3

dog with a bow
This Way
lifestyle photos for family around the fire
in the woods
Karnowski_Family (31).jpg
grandma and grandpa
kiss in the woods

Seriously, their back yard!!!!!!

fire in the backyard

Michael is saying to his wife here, "This is the law of attraction." They had a good laugh! Probably the best thing I've heard a husband say to his wife.

river in the woods
in the pines
Karnowski_Family (44).jpg
couple photoshoot
couple laughing
Karnowski_Family (71).jpg
guitar piano
cabin in the woods
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