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Senior Photography in Duluth MN | Park Point Beach Session with Emma

I haven't taken photos of a senior in a few years and I was excited to get back at it! I quickly got to know Emma through an online form I sent her and I liked her right away. She's funny, smart and I could sense an attitude of inner strength about her, even if she doesn't know it yet. You are one awesome girl Emma! 
She picked Park Point Beach as one of her locations because she spends lots of time there. I could tell right away she felt at home when we dipped our feet in the sand. I highly recommend choosing a place you are familiar with and that you spend a lot of time at. Being in our "special place" can bring our spirit to life and it shines through the photographs. 

I want to take one last moment to thank the man who let us use his property while we were shooting. This deck was DECKED out, ha! He noticed me with a camera and invited us down to his deck over looking the lake. (We were safe in numbers, near a public area, Emma's mom was with and he was very nice! I will do no luring to secluded places I promise!) It was so amazing to see this balcony covered in plant life, bees buzzing lazily and the sound of the waves hitting rocks below. I knew Emma was enjoying it right away as soon as we got there. I felt moved that he would let us use his private balcony for these images. Thank you! 

Skip to the bottom of this blog to read if a New Earth senior photography session will be right for you!

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Senior photos in Duluth MN
Park Point Duluth MN Senior Session
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Senior pictures in Duluth MN
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Is a New Earth Senior Session Right for Me?

My senior sessions are not stiff or glamorous. I can't make you into a rock star or super model. If that's what you want that is awesome! There are so many photographers in Duluth who will help you rock that but that is not me. I will tell you what I can do. I can ease camera anxiety, I can pull you out of the butterflies and help you laugh and enjoy your time. I will help the true you shine, I will photograph you exactly as you are. I see beauty in you and we can collaborate and make that come alive together. I won't put the pressure on to do things you don't want to do. If you're not all that fancy or you don't even know how you're going to pull off this whole senior photo thing I hope you will contact me and we can make this a fun experience that you will remember! -Miranda 

Park Point Duluth Sunset

The end.

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