Kirsta and The Shed: Mini Session

This shed is the best! The texture gave me all the good shivers in the world. Texture in a photograph.. It just makes it pop out! She is a fellow photographer friend  and seems to endlessly wander the country just to explore. I'm pretty sure she makes her own frames (98% recycled material) for her prints too! What a lady! When we found this shed, you could say it felt just about perfect for her. It feels good to get together and perfect the craft you know and love.


Click to see more detail!

Click to see more detail!


I ALWAYS have to save the best for last. A beautiful image doesn't have to be perfectly executed with all the technicalities of what makes a "good" photograph. Sometimes it just takes good company, a chill in the air and a wispy hair against someone's cheek. It's enough inspiration to last me a lifetime. Maybe. Until next time anyway.

Do you know what inspires me? You do. Human life. Individuality. Your story. You see, I don't just want to take your picture! No! I want to get to know you. See you. Document this person you are today. Life is only going to happen once. Hiring me isn't just photos. It's connection. It's laughter. It's making a memory happen and savoring little moments. An hour of time doesn't seem like much in the big scheme of things. But you look at the images of that hour and you can remember forever.

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