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Ordinary Day, Beautiful Day | In-Home Family Photographer

I was so blessed by the Gunderson's this Fall, they invited me into their home, fed me cookies, (By the way if you need to know the way to my heart, it's through food and drinks!) they even showed me their pet TURANTULAAAAAAAAA named Jackie. Yes. Hairy, spidery, leggy Jackie. haha! Oh she was super cute, I thought I might pet her, but I "forgot."

A regular day to you, is a beautiful day to me.

I promise you these things:

Your ordinary day is beautiful
I've got ideas for you
We won't sit around staring at each other
You are NOT boring

family photos
dad plays
rose haired turantula
pet turantula
the family pet

Dad's feet here, she must have been tired or shy of me, she was laying her head down a lot, very sweet!

in home photography
family photos
lifestyle photography in the kitchen
family photography
family baking cookies
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homemade apron
lifestyle photography watercolor painting
photography at home
family photographer in duluth mn
mom kisses baby
fall session
Duluth in the fall
photographer in duluth

One of my favorite things to do for a session is keep shooting the goodbye, all the way to my car, I love how the girls are peeking through the screen door at me. Bye, bye girls, hope to see you again! <3

 Not sure what you would do for your session? Don't worry, I won't leave you in the dark! I have a ton of unique ideas just for you. Contact me and I will design a session plan for you, no pressure to book!

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