Begin in your home and explore favorite spots.

Families, newborns, engagements, couples, headshots for creative small business owners, this session is for you.

All the laughter, snuggles and closeness you've been dreaming up for your photos. I've got room for you. Contact me here to see what dates are available.

1.5 Hours
2 Locations
Online gallery - Download them all
50 images



Capturing the heart of the family | It's a beautiful mess

Raw 48

This is my version of a Fresh 48. Keep taking care of your baby as you normally would. Stretch marks, skin to skin time, feeding and diapering, snuggly and real, quiet and respectful of your space and time with baby.

30 minutes
First week of life
Home or hospital
Online Gallery - Download them all
25 images


fresh 48 photographer in duluth mn


Birth Story

Hospital, home or center. Quiet and respectful of your birthing space. I am here for you. Learn More.

On call, 37 weeks until birth
Hospital, Home or Center
 USB of your Images - Private and yours forever

Let's do lunch! If you're interested in hearing more about birth story photographing, I meet all expecting mammas in real life. Sara's Table and The Snooty Fox are my favorite spots. <3 Contact me