It's me, Miranda!


I’m the mom that lets her kids climb up the slide. Sorry guys, my personality can’t be undone.

My free bird kids love getting dirty and screaming at the top of their lungs. That's always nice. Oh, and we have a turd beagle. She's okay.

I love donuts and avocados equally.

Staying awake is good, so I really like coffee. 

I praise God in the every day moments and I pray for my clients.



I'm a truth bringer, memory seeker, wanna-be writer, gardening mamma.

I love photographing you + the favorite parts of your day. Kids jumping on the bed, drinking coffee in the morning light, a campfire at your favorite spot.

Ready to toss traditional to the curb? Good.

Let's chat now, "cause life won't wait.


When I say I embrace the mess, I really, really mean it.