It's me, Miranda!


I'm married to a handsome, quiet guy with a constant 5 o'clock shadow. My free bird kids love getting dirty and screaming at the top of their lungs. That's always nice. Oh, and we have a turd beagle. She's okay.

I love donuts and avocados equally.

Staying awake is good, so I really like coffee. 

I praise God in the every day moments and I pray for my clients.


These amazing images by Kadi Tiede.

I'm a truth bringer, memory seeker, wanna-be writer, gardening mamma.

I love photographing you + the favorite parts of your day. Kids jumping on the bed, drinking coffee in the morning light, a campfire at your favorite spot.

Ready to toss traditional to the curb? Good.

More meaning. More Depth. More Art.
Let's chat now, "cause life won't wait.


When I say I embrace the mess, I really, really mean it.