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The Giveaway

Just some thoughts on my free photo shoots I started advertising for yesterday.

Each and every one of you, each individual, every family unit. There's a unique story. Diverse hardship. Some of you have blue eyes, beards, dark skin, light skin, in between skin, or a birth mark that is like no one else. (In the book "Peter Pan" the author would call this birth mark, a "kiss." I think that's lovely.)

Through the pleasant waves and the turmoil of the storms we have our similarities too. We bond. Dear mom, with the tired eyes and the limited patience, I'm you. Dear children, with the seemingly endless energy, you just need to get outside and run, be free. I'm you too.

I'm hosting these model calls because I want to know you and help tell your story. I know you have one.

So with this give away, I just wanted you to taste a little bit of who I am and what drives me.

You do. I do. We do. My comrades in life. You.



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