what to wear to your photo session

What To Wear For Your Photos

Okay. Let's just say it out loud. Big breath in... Matchy-matchy, white t-shirts and jeans is outdated for your photo session. (So are permed poofy bangs but hey, I'm not judging.) These are not the kind of photos I take, so if that's what you're looking for, I'm probably not your girl. If you're dreaming of images that capture your real life and you crave preserving memories in a raw, genuine way... Well, heck yeah! That's me! I'd love to help you do that.

While the matchy-matchy clothing is not what I do, here are some ideas for you.

Subtle Matching

Matching tones and hues in clothing that is still different is great! There's still a uniform appearance but it's casual and homey.

Couples Photos in Duluth MN

Be Reasonable

If we're hiking, dress the part! Cold outside? Please put a hat and jacket on your kids, no matter what it looks like. Be comfortable and most of all, be reasonable. I don't want you freezing to death in the cold because you have a specific dress or tank you wanted to wear. Sure, we can get a few shots of that gorgeous dress in the snow, if that's what you were hoping for, but the bulk of sessions with me are about preserving your memories as they are, no matter how imperfect.

hiking in Duluth

Let Your Kids Be Creative

Kids have the best ideas yet when it comes to clothing. Let them goof off! Capturing their special, silly spirit is what I'm about, not itchy suits and Easter dresses!

family photos silly girl

Pants Are Basically Optional

For the little kids of course! I get that kids think it's hilarious to whip off their diaper and run around screaming. I'm a mom, I get it and I am not judging you! Not only am I discreet and super fast at taking the photo you need at the right moment without showing the whole world, I capture their creative spirit and your daily life at the same time.

Spirited Photography

Simple Is Good!

No sweatshirts with huge "BUM" logos on the front... What era am I in today, anyway?? You get the idea, I want to see your pretty face, not the big Nike logo on your shirt.

Notice the plain and simple fabrics sweet, 2 year old Harlow is wearing. The attention is on who she is as a person, not her clothes.

A plain palette is always a good idea. Beautiful patterns, stripes and floral fabrics are welcomed as well!

outfit suggestions

The Rules Are There Are No Rules

Not only did I just quote Greese, but beside pleeaaaaaseeee not being too intentionally matchy, just be yourself. This mismatched look is casual and is an insight to this family's every day life!

These aren't set rules.

The idea is that the people in your life matter more than material items like clothing. I understand your desire to look bee-A-utiful during your session! Please dress in what makes you feel good! I totally appreciate the beauty of a gorgeous dress or perfectly planned out wardrobe. That's what these tips are for, to help you decide on your clothes if you for realsies are ready to go out and buy new things.

Though, in the end, you're choosing to invest in preserving memories. My type of peeps appreciate beauty in every nook and every corner, but they appreciate people more.

family photos

In an era of blurry cell phone pictures and crashing computers that can lose all our family photos, in the end you're choosing to invest in preserving memories. That's more important than stressing over your wardrobe.

Thank to you Christine Anne Photography for this image of me and my daughter.


Miranda is a documentary + lifestyle photographer in Duluth Minnesota. Capturing the honest family by getting to the heart of who you are.

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