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Never in my life did I think I could be lucky enough to experience something like this. Twins, sure, but a vaginal twin birth!!! On my birthday. I know, right? I am in awe of the staff at Essentia and this sweet ma and pa, they were so cool and collected when I think I'd be screaming and crying my way into motherhood yet again.

Essentia Newborn Nursery
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Twin delivery

Dad and I had to step back here as the hospital staff prepped the room. There were SO many people working together, every individual had a job. I am so impressed with how fast and calm the staff worked together, lovingly asking mamma how she was feeling, keeping the room and babies safe. You are all an amazing team.

I want to mention here, that as the photographer, I am the least important person in that room. My job will always be to tell your story, but people are busy saving lives and that means I am on the back burner. Never get in the staff's way, let them do their job. Respect the birth space. Single words, to the tone of your voice to the subject matter of a conversation can be traumatic to a birthing mother. Always know your place. Ask someone who is not busy, where the best place to stand is. Know hospital policy ahead of time. Never walk into a birth as an amateur or beginner photographer. You need to be experienced, professional and composed. You could miss this moment in a second, and yes, not to be harsh, you should know a thing or two about birth. OK. You should know quite a bit about birth.


I want you to know how serious I take my job, a birth can never be redone and I am totally 100% committed to your experience. I will be a quiet presence if you need, I can talk to you if you need, I can hold your hand, or I can be in the corner. I will stay out of the way if that's what you need, or I can squeeze your hips if you need that. Though I highly reccommend hiring a doula (I can refer you to some!) I know how hard birth is and how important it is to keep people in your space that you jive with. As fellow moms, humans, as client/photographer relationship, we will discuss our expectations, boundaries and hopes ahead of time.

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Did you cry yet?

twin umbilical cords

One twin with a knotted cord, the other with straight.

hospital newborn photo

I stay a half hour after your birth and photograph skin to skin, nursing and bonding. You don't have to show these photos if you don't want to! I always commuincate with my moms so I know exactly what they're comfortable with.

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