The #1 Thing I Need My Clients To Do

"Your are their coach. Not their warden." 
Those words rang in my ears. I let it guide my parenting every day I can think of. Raising children is huge. The biggest responsibility I can think of. I have to be available, I have to step away and let them learn on their own when the time is right. Sometimes I need to save them. Sometimes I need to let them fall. 
And isn't balance hard? And scary? Totally is! 

Photography guides my parenting. No joke. I can step back and just watch them play. Watch them be kids. Let them make a mess. It's absolutely freeing. This is where the best images are born. When I just watch. When I let go of control. This is when I learn the most. Yeah, sometimes it's more work. I get embarrassed when a friend walks into the house and I try to laugh off why there's marker on the wall or stuffed animals in the bath tub.

Yet the worry melts away when I know that they were away from a screen being creative. Being silly. Being kids!


The #1 Thing I Need My Clients To Do

Let the kids play

Climbing, jumping, muddy, nitty gritty, hilarious, creative play.
Playing is what kids are made to do. It's totally their element. It's where they're comfortable. It's how they shine.


  • Makes kids happy (You will be able to see this shine through the photos!)
  • Creates unique photos that show personality
  • Makes emotional images that you are connected to
  • Is interactive - Families come together during play time to make beautiful images
  • Makes everybody laugh, including mom and dad and laughing = awesome photos

  I know cleaning up a mess isn't always convenient or watching your kids climb all over rocks might give you a mini heart attack. Though, I want to encourage you to let them play and get involved too! Let some control go. Take a deep breath, give your kids grace and let those babies make a bit of a mess! Within reason of course. ;) And if you let them be a touch wild during a session, me and your images will thank you extra!!!

The following photos are from a single day where I let the kids play. This is my every day stuff. There is beauty in the mess.

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daddy and me
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Lester River, Duluth MN
Lester Park, Duluth
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