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I think everyone has this. "I believe in ______, but I'm afraid to bring it up because it's going to offend you and scare you off." That XYZ we'd like to scream from the roof tops or tell so and so the thing that drives us nuts, the human rights violation we'd love to stop, the friend or stranger or in-law you'd love to give a piece of your mind to.

The problem is, ideas are scary. That's why people get all twisted up when they're presented wit something new. New concepts threaten our comfy existence. It forces tradition to run for the hills, politely asks the brain to rewire itself, changes the heart within us. 

Change is scary.

Ideas are scary.

Truth bomb.

If we refuse to adapt, to mold to new ideas, even if we can't accept it, that, my sweet friends, is a narrow and bitter heart. Eh, close minded even.

It doesn't have to be scary. Be the person who doesn't give into fear. Change is a delicious, sparkling, new delight around every corner. An adventure calls out to us, begging us to explore this crazy life we've been blessed with.

That's what idea is. It is change. It is unknown. It is stretching your mind.

Tradition always freaked me out. Boxing me into a set of rules makes me claustrophobic. I love the freedom in these sessions. Feed baby. Diaper baby. Feed yourself. Heck, go to the bathroom when you want to.

Here's a new idea that won't offend you or scare you off. Family photos at home. Your safe haven. A mix of every day goodness + relaxed portraits that aren't going to make you feel like you want to run away and never come back.

Dude. Sharpe family, you're awesome. And that DVD collection though. I think my jaw dropped for like 10 minutes.

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In home Christmas photography Session
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3 months old
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That Sharpe family has such a Sharpe sense of humor! HA! (Okay, you can ignore me now.)

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