3 Things I Can't Do - and why the alternative is going to be awesome-er

I Can't Make You Pretty


I Don't Need To Make Your Kids Behave


I Won't Tell You What To Do



I can't make you pretty. I won't slim your face in Photoshop, I won't remove wrinkles or lines.

But I can photograph your beauty. When you pass on, your children will long to see your face, your smile lines,  freckles and flaws. Photographing you honestly will leave them memories - This is a noble cause.
I promise to find the angles most flattering, the light that makes you glow. (And I totally edit out the occasional blemish, I understand this!) I want you to celebrate yourself, appreciate the laughter, not the magazine perfect body. The care you have for your kids, not your belly pooch. I am a professional. I will make you shine honestly and beautifully, no matter what kind of face or body you have. This is about emotion, not being a model.



I don't need to make your kids behave. Your child is too wild, too rough. He will lick the windows and insist his pants come off.  I won't bribe with candy and a pat on the head if he sits still and smiles nice. The truth is much better.

But I will encourage their spirit.
 I will laugh with your son, talk to your daughter. I am not afraid of her wild soul, the one that talks to much or craves adventure. The soul that gets sticky hair instead of dancing seamless ballet or scraped knees instead of smiling sweetly. I am not afraid of a child's inner wild. You don't need to be afraid of how they will act or what I will think. I am here to photograph who they are inside, even the flaws, even the wild, even the crazy. Trust me and your photos will speak.





I won't tell you what to do. Tilt your chin this way or that, go out of your way for me, do uncomfortable or racy poses, do things that aren't "you."

But I got your back. I will keep you safe. I am in control of how these photos turn out, not you. I won't tell you what to do, but I will direct you, I will show you the path and I will let you walk down it any way you'd like.

Trust me first. Then the magic will come.

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