My Eulogy


Miranda was a people pleaser. Everyone was happy with her all the time. She never rocked the boat, said anything controversial. She didn’t share her opinions, she didn’t share research, because somebody was bound to disagree and take offense. She never shared who she voted for, or what her spiritual beliefs were, because that’s the fastest way to separate people. Hot button topic? Nod and smile, but that’s it. She didn’t talk about her methods, her experiences, give advice. That’s what people liked about her. She didn’t talk about her personal life, unless it was very neutral, positive, upbeat. She smiled only. Miranda didn’t leave her home state, she didn’t take risks, but that’s what made her special, because everyone stayed happy with her all. the. time. She didn’t question authority, she always did what her husband wanted, her mom wanted. She was always around for her family, she never left on her own because she was so busy taking care of them. Dinner was on the table every night. The house was always clean. Miranda was agreeable. She wasn’t a fighter, or a peacekeeper. She just was. Neutral. Existing.

When you die, is this what people will say about you?

I want zest, spice, adventure. I want to stand up for what’s right.

Heroes are not quiet. Heroes are not people pleasers.

Heroes rock the boat.

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